Derek Schenck is the Founder and Executive Coach at Peak Performance Coaching, a powerful coaching and consulting company which helps individuals and organizations discover and reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

Stop the Grind:

Do you struggle with your business and it affects your home life?

Home Life vs. Work:

Have you struggled with home life and it affects your mindset?

No Energy for Yourself:

Have your mental struggles affected your health?

Create more money, more freedom and more time.

A life well-lived:

Create a life by choice, not by chance.

A potential realized:

Identify who you were created to be.

A purpose fulfilled:

A life that aligns with the pursuit of excellence.

ARETELife Online Course

Proven Framework to Achieve Excellence in All Things.

In life and in business, we tend to consider excellence a destination. We strive for an unattainable level of perfection which can leave us feeling defeated, our full potential unfulfilled.

The word Arete symbolizes a powerful concept: the pursuit of excellence. The word Life symbolizes our experience as human beings.

Put together, ARETELife is a program developed to identify your full potential and change your habits to create a way of living that aligns with the pursuit of excellence;

A life well-lived, A Potential Realized and A Purpose Fulfilled.

At ARETELife we know that you want to have more, achieve more and do something significant with your life. But somewhere over the years, doubt, lack of motivation, stress and no clear direction has left you more distracted and discouraged than ever.

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We know what it’s like to struggle with mindset, bad habits, communication gaps, and poor time management. You shouldn’t have to spend years with multiple failures, or partial successes just to discover the true purpose of your life.

ARETELife is a productivity and personal development course developed by Derek Schenck, a high-level business coach with over 12,000 hours of one-on-one coaching experience and over 250 seminars on mindset and skillset with entrepreneurs and business owners of all brands and industries across the country.

To become a better version of who you are, you need to control the areas of your life that you CAN control. We believe all areas of your life are integrated and affect each other. We teach techniques that help you create thoughts, habits, and a lifestyle to support all important areas of your life.

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Purchase our online course
  2. Use the tools and strategies
  3. Create a fulfilling purposeful life.

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Meet Derek

Derek Schenck is the Founder and Executive Coach at Peak Performance Coaching, a powerful coaching and consulting company which helps individuals and organizations discover and reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally. As an inspiring leader, trainer, and coach, Derek has helped hundreds of small business owners to effectively define their vision, create and master change, and ultimately realize their goals.





Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Business

I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a co-author of a new book about the power of mindset for business owners. I am honored to share my voice with 24 other experts from various backgrounds and locations all over the world including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Qatar, India, and Australia!


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Happy Clients

Some testimonials from satisfied clients

Derek brings HIGH energy to the room! He reminded me “WHY” I do what it is that I do! He is inspiring and made me really go deep and think! He helped me re-align my thoughts and activities. We all seem to get so wrapped up in the day to day of what it is we actually “do” …and this helped me get back to center. I highly recommend this class for anyone and at any stage of your business!”

– Roseann D.

Kudos to Derek Schenck…his presentation on Wellness & Mindset was absolutely fantastic. My agents were engaged and loved Derek’s material and delivery. When you see tears, you know there is an impact.

– Chris F

I wanted to write and express our gratitude for your scheduling Derek’s talk yesterday. As lifelong professionals, to be motivated so immensely is nothing short of miraculous on Derek’s part and worthy of vulnerable appreciation.

– Danya C.

Derek Schenck shines on a stage!  His passion and purpose-driven lifestyle are evident in every mannerism.  Derek finds a compassionate way to deliver content that is relevant to every level of production.  Oh, and he even sprinkles in a decent portion of humor. Simply put, if Derek is speaking, I’m attending!

– Justin M.

I’ve obtained spurts of inspiration and motivation from countless seminars and instructors in the last 17 years. Derek’s presentation stirred up something more in me. His words and my dream resonated in my head until I finally did something about it!

– Gwen M.

During the past six months of my coaching experience, my production has doubled and I’m set to more than double my numbers from last year

– David N.