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Happy Clients

Words from empowered clients

Kudos to Derek Schenck…his presentation on Wellness & Mindset was absolutely fantastic. My agents were engaged and loved Derek’s material and delivery. When you see tears, you know there is an impact.

– Chris F

I’ve obtained spurts of inspiration and motivation from countless seminars and instructors in the last 17 years. Derek’s presentation stirred up something more in me. His words and my dream resonated in my head until I finally did something about it!

– Gwen M.

During the past six months of my coaching experience, my production has doubled and I’m set to more than double my numbers from last year.

– David N.

I have increased my income by 53%, but even better is that I have increased my net by 262%.

– Janet P.

When I first wrote down my goals for the year, I about had a heart attack and 9 months into it I realized I already achieved those goals and I attribute that success with working with Derek.

– Michelle B.

I continue coaching as a way to define my goals, get clarity, get humor, and have understanding (and sometimes to get the kick in the pants that I need). The definition of coaching is “a teaching or training process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal”. Partnering with Derek will enable you to set your specific goals and he will hold you accountable.”

– Sarah P.

Working with Derek Schenck has truly been such a great opportunity as his style and support is personable and he cares about each person he works with. Derek has become a trusted advisor, friend and mentor and I am so grateful for what he has helped me become aware of in my business. Any one that gets the opportunity to work with him is lucky!”

– Stacy B.

I am so thankful for Derek helping me develop and train my brand-new team and helping dig deep enough to identify my “Big Why!”

– Jan L.

In working with Derek not only has he helped me immediately identify my big Why, which I struggled with, he also helped me clarify what’s behind it. He also caused me to realize how my daily activities directly impact my long-term purpose. Finding these things out in such a quick, succinct manner has been incredibly valuable. Derek is so skilled at helping me identify the gaps; I thoroughly enjoy coaching with him!”

– Deanna S.

I can highly recommend Derek as a coach. As a coach, he has just the right balance (for me) of empathy, compassion AND accountability–kick your butt if you’re slacking! [Truth be told, I’m just a little scared of Derek . . . and that’s a good thing!]

– Ken P.

I have been coaching with Derek for over a year now and as a result my business has grown, my personal life has balance, and I am on track to achieving my goals set for the year. He communicates through examples, industry knowledge and has a genuine interest in my success. Thank you, Derek, for your commitment to my success!”

– Mark M.

I have been coaching with Derek for about a year and my real estate business has improved by 226%! What I love about Derek is his coaching is personalized for me and he is also continually learning and developing himself to better serve me. HIGHLY recommend Derek Schenck and Peak Performance Coaching to anyone considering improving their business!

– Kristen D.

Derek has helped me to value self-care, and “using my oxygen mask” first before I can be of any help or value to others. That’s both professionally and personally. He helped me make my goals specific and measurable so I had a clear understanding of what they were and then how to achieve them. Once the goals were set, he was firm in helping me stick to them. He helped me see they were my goals and he was just there to ensure I didn’t give up or give in when things were challenging. He believes absolutely in “what we focus on expands” and that how we talk to ourselves – especially subconsciously – matters. Because of this he helped me take my negative self-talk and turn it into positive affirmations that I say daily. It works! I respect Derek at the highest level and warmly recommend him to anyone who wants to be the best they can be, or better!”

– Bethany C.

Derek brings HIGH energy to the room! He reminded me “WHY” I do what it is that I do! He is inspiring and made me really go deep and think! He helped me re-align my thoughts and activities. We all seem to get so wrapped up in the day to day of what it is we actually “do” …and this helped me get back to center. I highly recommend this class for anyone and at any stage of your business!”

– Roseann D.

Derek Schenck shines on a stage!  His passion and purpose-driven lifestyle are evident in every mannerism.  Derek finds a compassionate way to deliver content that is relevant to every level of production.  Oh, and he even sprinkles in a decent portion of humor. Simply put, if Derek is speaking, I’m attending!

– Justin M.

I wanted to write and express our gratitude for your scheduling Derek’s talk yesterday. As lifelong professionals, to be motivated so immensely is nothing short of miraculous on Derek’s part and worthy of vulnerable appreciation.

– Danya C.

They say that “Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be.” From day one Derek has been that coach in my life. I cannot recommend him enough! Through coaching He led me down a path of self-discovery that clarified my motivation, dreams, and goals. Then held me accountable to that life vision in a compassionate and matter of fact way. I know the small everyday action steps I need to take to accomplish my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. More importantly than professional results, with Derek encouragement I am a better leader, mother, wife, and friend to myself.

– Annie V.

Derek asks the tough questions to really get you to think about your business and drills down to the areas to focus on. He holds you accountable to your goals. I recommend Coaching with Derek to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.”

– Jenna K.

Derek assisted me in defining where my business was now and where I wanted it to go; he helped me align my core values and how I wanted my life to reflect these values; he helped me to allow myself to have a balanced life and not being a work-a-holic by creating daily schedules for lead generating and script practices, and, he helped me create a clear, focused mindset when I was at work to improve my business.

– Deborah R.

Coaching with Derek has been a huge part of my business success. His gentle, yet direct approach helps reaffirm to me that I need to get things done. He is easy to talk to when you need to be candid, but he can come back and fiercely challenge you to reach new levels in the next breath.

– Kayla S.

He has allowed me to think differently, he has allowed me to see purpose and he has allowed tremendous clarity.

– Jared L.

I’ve been privileged to be coached by Derek and had him work with my entire sales team as well as experienced his presentation skills to small and large groups alike. Not only will you leave a session with him with tangible tools to take your practice to the next level, his energy and focus when presenting stimulates thought-provoking work and a desire to create a career that truly goes places. Whether sales, service or operations is your world, Derek offers true value.

– Deanna B.

When I first started working with Derek, I had one main goal: double sales in 6-9 months. I was not sure if he was the ideal choice, because most of his clientele were in real estate. Boy, was I wrong, His abilities know no boundaries! With his focused questioning and superb listening skills, he was able to jump right into my industry and provide the necessary tools for my success. There were, also, at times personal issues that trumped professional and he was ready and willing to help me work through them. He’s a bit of a tough cookie. He is after results, not your money. I was always embarrassed when I didn’t do what I agreed to prior to a phone call. He expects you to say what you mean and mean what you say. Why? He wants you to get what you want. Did we reach the goal? Yes!

– Lisa R.

Your Coaching has and continues to help me move beyond my limiting beliefs and to recognize my own self-worth.  With your guidance, my mindset has and continues to shift from the old habits of I can't to recognizing I most certainly can!  And in that process, gaining clarity around what it is that I want.  Thank you for listening and for helping me to get out of my own way! 

– Mary H.

Derek is one of the most thoughtful individuals I have ever met.  He really cares about his clients.  He cares about their success and he takes their success as a personal challenge.  Derek provides me with focus and direction.  He is willing to show me the way and help me make small steps.  He has helped me identify my goals.  He then has kept me accountable to reaching those goals.  He pushes me when I need to be pushed and he celebrates the small wins with me.  His wealth of knowledge is amazing and he is willing to share it all.

The money I have spent on Derek has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my business.

– Deb W