How to Improve Your Relationships in 60 Seconds

Have you ever found that the more you focus on your business that your personal life would struggle?

I have found that to be one of the biggest struggles that business owners have today. When there are struggles at home you think about it at work so you are not fully present at work. Then work gets behind, the business starts to struggle so you think about work at home and then you are not fully present at home with your family and the cycle begins.

So, what is the answer? I don’t know, but the two of you do.
Here are 2 simple questions that you can ask the ones you love that will help improve your relationship.

• What is the one thing you hope I never stop doing?
• What is the one thing you hope I never do again?

I asked my wife of 28 years these two questions. Well after 28 years of marriage and personally teaching countless number of communication classes I knew exactly what she was going to say when I asked these two questions. Wrong! I missed them both.

Although I was wrong on knowing what the two answers were, it turned out to be one of the best conversations we have had because it allowed us to set each other up for success. Simply stated, if you are a new couple or have been together for decades, these questions will reveal powerful answers.

I asked my teenage daughter the same two questions. I was 1 for 2! I was not aware of the one thing she hopes I never do again. In typical Dad fashion it was something I was doing I thought was funny…she didn’t think it was so funny. Now I know. I am sharing these with you not just because I read it in a book. I share it with you because I have done it and it was incredibly powerful for me. I have shared it with my coaching clients and they have come back with some incredible, powerful stories about how it has helped their relationships.

Here are your Action Steps:
• Write down what you think the other person will say to the two questions.
• Ask the other person the two questions.
• Share what answers you thought they would say.
• Now let the conversation begin…
• You know they are going to ask you the same two questions so be ready;)

Begin this conversation with an open mind an open heart. Be honest and feel comfortable about sharing how you really feel. Sharing what you have wanted to say and never have. You must also be vulnerable and open minded to the feedback you receive.

Set yourself and the ones you care for up for success and take the time to ask these questions today.

Question: If you don’t ask these questions, what are you afraid of…the truth?

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Derek Schenck