Real Estate Business Planning Clinic

Real Estate Business Planning Clinic

Are you Running Your Business like a Business or a Hobby?
Topic: Real Estate

Course Description:

Do you know the four key business models that will lead your real estate career down the guaranteed path of success? Built upon the time-proven models of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Course, Business Planning Clinic is designed to guide you in discovering your focus, motivation, and driving reasons for a successful business. You will walk out the door with four personalized and completed foundational models, each essential to the life of your business.


  • The Why of Successful Businesses
  • Economic Model
  • Lead Generation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Organizational Model

I've obtained spurts of inspiration and motivation from countless seminars and instructors in the last 17 years. Derek's presentation stirred up something more in me. His words and my dream resonated in my head until I finally did something about it! Derek played a major role in my confidence and planning to start a business of my own that I had dreamed about for years!

Gwen Main

Business Development

"When I first wrote down my goals for the year, I about had a heart attack and 9 months into it I realized I already achieved those goals and I attribute that success with working with Derek."

Michelle Bailey

Top Producing Real Estate Agent

He has allowed me to think differently, he has allowed me to see purpose and he has allowed tremendous clarity.

Jared Larsen

Executive Sales Trainer

I continue coaching as a way to define my goals, get clarity, get humor, and have understanding (and sometimes to get the kick in the pants that I need). The definition of coaching is “a teaching or training process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal”. Partnering with Derek will enable you to set your specific goals and he will hold you accountable.”

Sarah P.

Happy Client

Derek asks the tough questions to really get you to think about your business and drills down to the areas to focus on. He holds you accountable to your goals. I recommend Coaching with Derek to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.”

Jenna K.

- Satisfied Client

Coaching with Derek has been a huge part of my business success. His gentle, yet direct approach helps reaffirm to me that I need to get things done. He is easy to talk to when you need to be candid, but he can come back and fiercely challenge you to reach new levels in the next breath.

Kayla S.

Empowered Businesswoman