Take What You’ve Learned and A.C.T. Upon It

Have you ever gone to a class or a seminar and came away with tons of ideas that you couldn’t wait to get started on and then you found those notes six months later in a forgotten pile or in a drawer?

Here is a simple formula that one of my mentors John Maxwell shared with me that helps you to take those ideas and to get them into ACTion right away.

  1.        Whenever you are taking notes in a class or seminar, anytime you write a note that requires you to take Action, I want you to put the letter A on the left hand side of that note.
  2.        As you are taking your notes, if there is something you need to make a change to, I want you to put the letter C next to it.
  3.        If you come across anything during that course or class or seminar that you need to teach to someone else, I want you to put a T next to it.

A.C.T. = Action – Change – Teach

Now, take all the A’s (Action Steps) and put them on one piece of paper. Go back and take all the C’s (Change) and put those on a separate piece of paper. Now take what you need to teach to someone else (all the T’s) and put those on a separate piece of paper.

On each sheet of paper, you need to go back and prioritize all the items based on priority.

How do you take a ton of notes from a great class, you A.C.T. upon it!

Take those notes, categorize them, prioritize them and create the action steps to get them done that is how you will be one step closer to your full potential realized.



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Derek Schenck